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Dietician Sheela


Our services are available during your busy schedule and time of emergency. Our team is highly educated with years of research and clinical skill in Nutritional Sciences as well as Dietetics.

We educate people and provide services to the individuals as well as groups who endeavor for a balance between a busy plan and nourishing eating. We realize the challenges which present in our daily lives that make it hard to stay on path with a highly balanced diet. This is the prime reason why we focus on offering sensible advice and possible goals for all our clients.

We give wide range of services but we specialize in weight loss program and personalized nutrition advice. It is well known fact that obesity is a medical condition in which overkill body fat has build up to the level that it may have a poor effect on health, top to reduced life expectation and / or ongoing health problems.

Over weight have lots of effects on health. Extreme body weight is linked with different diseases, chiefly cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, diabetes mellitus type 2, obstructive sleep apnea and osteoarthritis.

The chief treatment for obesity includes of dieting and physical work out. Diet programs create weight loss as long as they are pursued, but upholding the weight loss is sometimes difficult and often needs making exercise and lower food energy diet a stable part of a person’s existence.

Are you are looking for best and long-term support? Contact Diet Clinic to get the fad diets and the fast weight loss diets are possibly not the choice you are searching for. Permanent weight loss needs you to change the habits that take you towards overweight with healthier habits. If you desire to diet on one occasion and be thin forever, you have to select from weight loss programs that stress education and behavior change.

The main reason for the popularity of Diet Clinic due to big list of satisfied and contended clients. Our old clients are referring us to our new clients and finding our weight loose programs quite friendly and cost effective as well. Consultation with the experts is made on regular basis. In beginning, we get in touch on quick basis of two or three days.

Talk to our experts and get right support with Diet Clinic! Contact us now!

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