What is a good diet for lowering cholesterol?

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What is a good diet for lowering cholesterol?

What is a good diet for lowering cholesterol?

Among the many reasons that contributes to high cholesterol levels in a person, diet, unhealthy lifestyle and hereditary traits are the most evident. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that comes from the food that we eat and made in the body. First of all, we all should be aware that all cholesterol is not that bad. It is required in the body for some vital functions, but when produced in excess, it can amass on the blood vessels walls causing blockage. Medically, the presence of high cholesterol in human body can lead to serious health issues like blood clots, clogged arteries, high blood pressure and even stroke.

Diet plays an important role in lower high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol diets limits the build-up of cholesterol by avoiding foods like: fatty foods, deep fried foods, processed meat products, snack items like chips, full fat dairy products and baked products like cakes and pastries.

As per acclaimed diet and founder of Diet Clinic, Sheela Seharawat, the best diet plan for lowering cholesterol levels has two important aspects. First is increasing the amount of fiber that one consumes and secondly, reduction is saturated fat intake through foods.

Diet high in soluble fiber works instantly against high blood cholesterol levels by letting the liver absorb more cholesterol and also eliminate it from the body thereby, bringing cholesterol levels down. On the other instance as mentioned earlier, eliminating saturated fats is not that easy as we all are hooked to the world of easy foods. It is highly advised to replace all these food habits with consuming more fruits and vegetables high in soluble fibers.

In a nut shell, a healthy diet plan for lowering cholesterol should focus on checking what we put inside us in every meal and keep a tab on the requisite quantities. Meat and meat products should be limited to maximum of twice in a week and fruits and vegetables should be eaten in excess. Dairy and dairy products and oils should either be fat free or low in fat. Fish should be eaten regularly and especially the ones that help lowering cholesterol. A diet for lowering cholesterol is the best way for a healthy heart.

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