Tips to Gain Weight Easily

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Tips to Gain Weight Easily

Tips to Gain Weight Easily

There are not only the ones who want to lose weight, but there are many who want to gain weight also. Underweight is a condition where people have 10 to 20% less than expected average weight as per their height and age. This further leads to decreased efficiency and lower productivity in a person. So how to gain weight?

Gaining weight does not means that a person has to be fat by eating fatty foods, but actually means gaining weight in terms of muscles and tissues in the ideal way. For a dual advantage of gaining weight and building muscles, a balanced weight gain diet is essential. Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic shares with you some effective ways of weight gain tips.

  • Take plenty of proteins and calories: check for the amount of calorie that you have been consuming daily and add up to more of its through healthy and nourishing foods. Have small and frequent meals instead of three bigger meals a day. This helps you eating more and adding weight naturally. Intake of proteins helps in muscle development and increased muscle weight. Protein sources of food add up to three times more calories to the body than normal foods.
  • Start snacking in between meals: snacking in between meals really helps in weight gain. There are numerous healthy snacks that can be taken in between meals. One great way to snack is by shakes rich in calories and proteins. Follow the way of snacking in between breakfast and lunch and in between lunch and dinner.
  • Always choose to eat a balanced diet: so that in the process of gaining weight, the body is not deprived of vital nutrients. Natural foodstuffs in weight gain diets is not only rich in proteins and calories but also enrich with vital minerals and vitamins that greatly helps in proper weight gain.
  • Sleep well and sleep more: when we sleep more, higher levels of growth hormones are released. This helps in proper weight gain and also sleep slower down metabolism, thus allowing nutrients and calories to stay in the body longer.

Weight and muscle gain through food remains constant for longer number of years. Get the right combination of calories, proteins and fat in your diet and gain weight in a correct fashion with Diet Clinic.

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