Power Diet for Quick Weight Loss by an Expert Dietician

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Power Diet for Quick Weight Loss by an Expert Dietician

Power Diet for Quick Weight Loss by an Expert Dietician

Fast and quick weight loss diets are the most sought after searches of recent times. Being overweight has become one of the most dreaded health issue of the modern world and failing to reduce weight are making people more prone to diabetes, blood pressure problems and cardiovascular diseases.

Dietician and founder member of Diet Clinic, Sheela Seharawat has to say that modern and fast moving lifestyle has left people with no time for exercise or nay other physical activity and in such a situation it is only healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet can help us stay away from becoming overweight. Best dietician in India, recommends that it is only a diet can come as a rescue to the problems of overweight.

Here is a healthy diet plan which can also be termed as a power diet that will not only help in reducing weight but also would keep you healthy.

Start from waking up: the process starts the moment you wake up in the morning. Nourish yourself and flush out the body toxins with a glass of lukewarm water with honey and a few drops of lemon in it.

Have a heart healthy breakfast: We all know that breakfast is the most important and essential meal of the day. It helps in kick-starting your metabolism and keeps you active and moving all day along. Also, it keeps one full through the day and helps in avoiding binge eating or overeating during meals.

Lunches are important: the biggest meal of the day needs not be bigger. Ensure that you do not eat too much. Control your portion and have some probiotic dahi to accompany your meal as it helps in proper digestion.

Evening breaks: hunger pranks during this period is the most dangerous and most of us reach out for the unhealthiest snack possible. Ensure that you eat something and eat healthy. Choices could be boiled channa, green tea with digestive biscuits or some fresh fruit salad.

End the day with a minimalistic dinner: for dinners eat like a pauper. Be careful on the kind and quantity. May be end your day with a salad and a soup or just some daliya. Have some skimmed milk before going to bed.

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