How to Start A Low Carb Diet?

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How to Start A Low Carb Diet?

How to Start A Low Carb Diet?

Once you have decided to lose weight, and chosen to attempt it with low carb diet plan, you need to know a few facts and basics about it. As you take a look into different low card diets, you will notice that all of them have a similar factor about them. They focus on cutting down on sugars from the daily intake and typically adding higher protein levels.

At Diet Clinic, dietician and founder Sheela Seharawat mentions that low-carb diets are not difficult to follow and they are not complicated. She shares some basic facts about low carbohydrate diet that you need to know before starting the diet plan and these are as mentioned below:

  • Carbohydrates: They are body’s fastest source of energy and are mostly found in grains, fruits and vegetables. There are good and bad carbs, with vegetables, fruits and grains falling under the good or unrefined category and are included in moderation in a low carb diet and there are pastas, white rice and flour that are refined and bad carbs and are eliminated from the diet. A good low carb diet aims at eliminating the intake of refined or bad carbs.
  • Ketosis: is the key to burning of body fats and is a biological process that occurs in the body due to the shortage of glucose to provide sufficient energy. Eliminating bad carbs from the diet that has been the source of quick energy causes the body to turn to the extra fat reserve for its energy requirements.
  • Identify the difference between weight loss and body shaping: following the low carb diet will certainly give you results and you will look slimmer and fitter. You will fit into the old clothes that you have never imaging to wear back again. Your body looks leaner and shaped, but it is not body shaping. The shape of your body changes from fat to slim and you look more handsome, but for developed muscles and cuts, you need to take another healthy route.
  • The weight plateau: you have been constantly losing since you began, but there will be a time when you suddenly stop losing further. Many may address it as an end by saying – maybe it’s the end, or I’ve gone as low as I could, and also the diet has lost it effectiveness. Don’t worry, it’s a plateau and all your thoughts are far away from truth. Carry on the good work with your customized diet plan and the plateau is just temporary.

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