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Welocme to diet clinic


Diet Clinic provides diet consultancy aimed primarily at weight loss, Therapeutic Diets and Body fitness Diets, besides enhancing the health status of an individual.

It's not possible for Diet Clinic to guarantee 100% weight loss to all customers as weight loss depends on many medical and physical factors for different customers.

  1. Weight loss varies according to age, activity, gender and body type.
  2. Gaps and irregularities in the programme by us will not be adjusted in the future.
  3. The membership fee will be charged for each weight loss diets, Therapeutic Diets and Body fitness Diets, you take with us. This monthly fee is valid, as per the package one has choused& no adjustments of the period are permissible unless informed in advance.
  4. In view of the above, registered members are requested to avail their consultations with regularity to avail maximum benefits.

The customers are required to register only after a clear understanding of the process involved as the cannot be held liable thereafter.



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