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pH Factor – The Key to Good Health

For maintaining a good health, it is very crucial to maintain a balance of acid and alkaline states in the body. One can suspect the acidity and alkalinity of the body by considering the pH factor. In the body chemistry, acid-alkaline plays a very important role in suspecting the diseases. Distilled water refers as neutral. According to the researches, it is observed that normal pH value is 7.0. If the level of pH goes below 7.0, then you are suffering from acidity and if pH value goes above 7.0. it is indicating alkalinity. 
It is said that the average pH value of the saliva and urine ranges from 6.0 to 6.8. It depicts that the body is somewhat acidic. The body is said to be acidic if the pH factor falls below 6.0 and alkaline if the pH factor goes above 6.8. 
For the management of a good health, both the conditions are unwanted.

The other ways to test the levels of pH are through saliva and urine. When the body becomes too much acidic, it results in causing various health disorders such as indigestion, heartburn, headaches, nervous disorders, and when it gets turn into excess (more acidic), one may experience severe pain in the pharynx, drowsiness, excessive hunger and many more. 
When the body bears the stage of acidosis, it becomes a home for many diseases, low immunity, high blood pressure, skin diseases, frequent cough, cold & fever, rheumatism, and premature ageing. 
You may suspect alkalinity through various symptoms like lethargy, water retention hypersomnia (too much sleep) lack of concentration, lack of drive and will power.

This has been proved that a person remains healthier and get less disease when tending towards alkalinity. 
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pH Factor – The Key to Good Health

pH Factor The Key to Good Health

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