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Stay Healthy Before And After Karwa Chauth

The much-awaited festival for all the wives and husbands out there, Karwa Chauth is a long fast day and indeed the toughest vrat. The woman eats before sunrise and then right after the moon rises, so let’s fretless this time. We bring you the fantastic tips for the diet you are going to follow for Karwa Chauth to pass with ease and stay healthy throughout the day.



The Sargi or the food before sunrise on Karwa Chauth is a tradition followed since ages. To make sure it goes perfect, you must eat the following that time:


  1. Fruits and Nuts: Full of rich nutrients, the fruits and nuts supply the required energy you need the whole day.

  2. Milk Food: To keep your stomach full all day, you should eat milk items paneer or curd to say goodbye to hunger pangs on the day.

  3. To be Sweets: whole day, sugar is essential for which you can eat energeticpheni (a light-sugar sweet made of milk and semolina).



Breaking your fast with the little sips of water, you should eat the following right foods to stay healthy like every day:


  1. Non-Acidic Food: As you keep your stomach empty throughout the day, make sure that your “After Moonrise” diet should be protein-rich. A balanced diet for the day can include vegetables, cottage cheese, whole-grains in the form of chapattis, rice with pulses are the best options.

  2. Rehydrate liquid: To rehydrate yourself after a long day, do not forget to add buttermilk to your meal.

  3. No Fried Food or Sweets: Try to avoid puris and jalebis on this day as it may trouble you later.


With these amazing tips on Karwa Chauth, Dr. Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic wishes you all comfort and the best Karwa Chauth you ever had! 

Stay Healthy Before And After Karwa Chauth

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