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LCHF Diet or Low Carb High Fat diet is a very common thing among all the diabetes patients, because of its ability to reverse diabetes. The increased blood glucose and sugar levels are the results of the high amount of carbohydrates, which needs to be stabilised by the LCHF Diet.
The Diet That Reverses Diabetes!
The effects if LCHF Diet is really amazing as it has been reported that 95% of people have found their diabetes in control in just 6 months. It works effectively on blood sugar and glucose level of your body and raises the HDL (good cholesterol) levels. It also improved dental health and promotes the reduction in body inflammation.

Eat this, Not that!
The following food is advised for you during LCHF Diet and only when you feel hungry:
Foods to eat:
•    Eat veggies in bulk.
•    Protein-rich foods such as eggs and brown rice are good for those acquiring a highly active lifestyle.
•    A small hunger requires snacks such as nuts, popcorn or berries.
•    Chicken, lamb and pork are perfect to include in a healthy meat diet.
•    Protein-rich fishes like salmon, mackerel and sardines can be included too.
•    Olive and coconut are the best food oils.

Foods to Avoid:
•    Packaged juices and soft drinks will embrace obesity.
•    Cravings from pastries, cakes, and other sugary tarts should be put on halt.
•    Say “no” to artificial sweeteners.
•    High in sugar content, the packaged breakfast cereals are not at all good for your health.
•    Starchy carbs like bread, pasta, white rice and muesli should be strictly discouraged.
•    Root vegetables are not good for you this time.
•    Alcohol or any other dry or distilled alcohol like rum, whiskey and vodka should be avoided if possible, otherwise, take along with water or juices.
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