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Fasting Tips For The New Mothers On Karwa Chauth

Are you a mother keeping fast on Karwa Chauth whose baby was born recently? Or are you a mother who breastfeeds your child and planning to keep vrat for your husband? Well, you have dropped to the right place as we are going to tell you about some real and fantastic fasting tips on the Karwa Chauth for all our new mothers. Keeping the hunger issues on priority, we believe that love towards your husband does not demand troubles in your lives, so it is essential to follow healthy diet plan on the day, which is like this:



  1. Eat a moderate amount of Sargi: Keeping aside the traditional ritualistic and paranthas mithais for Sargi, try to eat healthy things like dry fruits and pheni as you are a new mother and can face the problem of acidity.

  2. Say “yes” to Non-traditional Sargi: You all-new Sargi which is indeed healthy can include whole wheat bread with a glass of your favourite juice and a handful of protein-rich nuts like almonds, raisins, walnuts etc. Coconut water can add up some real energy to you as it helps in cleansing off your digestive system.



  1. Fasting regime needs the addition of some fruits and nuts: Your health is important as your baby and family need you to be healthy every time, so eating some fruits and nuts in between the day can really bring you a lot of energy which can be consumed at regular intervals.

  2. Rehydrate yourself with coconut water or juice but not with tea or coffee: A few sips of coconut water/juice/water at regular time intervals can hydrate your body to an extent but tea and coffee will only cause you the problems like nausea and acidity.



  1. Rehydrating yourself is the foremost: With the hands around a glass, let your husband rehydrate you with water or juice in the most beloved way.

  2. Break it with a wholesome meal: Avoid breaking it with any oily or fast food but introduce a well-balanced meal consisting of vegetables, cottage cheese, homemade curd, wholegrain bread, vegetable rice with pulses and something mildly sweet. 


Caution: It is advised to all the new mothers that if you are suffering from problems like diabetes, low BP or low Hb levels, then it is better to back off from fast as take advice from the most trustable Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic.

Happy Karwa Chauth to all! 

Fasting Tips For The New Mothers On Karwa Chauth

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