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Heartburn – Say No to Oily Foods

A little oil is good for health but when it comes to fried stuff, one should completely avoid oil foods if they don’t want to be in the condition of heartburn. Other foods that should be eliminated from the diet plan are high-fat milkshakes, cheese on the bread, fried rice, and biryanis. These foods take a longer period to get digest and remain in the stomach for long resulting in causing heartburn. 

The condition like heartburn may aggravate if you eat raw onions. Avoid the use of raw onions if you are suffering from this affliction. Some citrus fruits and tomatoes too may cause irritation in the food pipe which further leads to a burning sensation. This is a sole reason why people feel constrained after having a glass of fresh juice or tomato juice. 
Garam Masala is one of the main ingredient used in making various foods. But if you have an acidity condition, it is recommended not to use this spice in the food. 
Try not to drink alcohol before going to bed. Avoid eating white bread as it contains maida and could cause gas bloating and triggers heartburn. For all those people who are suffering from the condition called heartburn should say a big NO to the chocolates. 

Among the variety of foods, it becomes difficult to make a choice on what to eat and what to avoid. But we have a solution to all your worries. At Diet Clinic, we diagnosed an individual and then decide about what foods will suit them. Dietician Sheela Seharawat is one of the top dieticians who devises exclusive diet programs according to the needs of the clients. This helps clients in getting a better understanding of their body. 
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Heartburn – Say No to Oily Foods

Heartburn  Say No to Oily Foods

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