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Diabetes and Weight Loss: Things You Must Know

The reasons you often get advised about the weight control during diabetes are type 2 diabetes and obesity. And if you are suffering from overweight problems, there are chances that you may get to suffer from the risk of heart ailments, high blood pressure and cancer. In order to live a healthy life, focus on the advice below.
Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss Symptoms 

  • Fatigue: Lack of energy from the food you eat is the reason for this cause.
  • Increased Thirst: Because there is unwanted glucose in your blood, you feel thirsty and dehydrated even after drinking a lot of water. 
  • Frequent urination: The more water you drink to quench your thirst the more you urinate during type 2 diabetes.
  • Extreme hunger: When your muscles don’t get sufficient energy from the food you eat, it indicates extreme hunger even after your meal.
  • Unexplained weight loss: Due to lack of energy, the body breaks down your muscles and fats to produce energy which results in uncalled weight loss. 
  • Frequent infections: Due to type 2 diabetes, your body seems defeat-able by the infections including vaginal and bladder infections.
  • Foot pain and numbness: Unnatural tingling, pain or numbness is observed when high blood sugar tends to damage your nerves.

These symptoms can lead to tissue damage and further complications.
Watch What You Eat
Grow your lifestyle with these amazing diabetic diets:

  1. Milk and Yogurt: Rich in protein and calcium, will help you fight insulin resistance and lose weight.
  2. Nuts and seeds: Known as “slow-burning” food, the nuts will become friend with blood sugar, hence controlling diabetes.
  3. Beans: Loaded with antioxidants and extra fibre, this will help control blood sugar at its best.

To know more and get best exclusive diet plans, make contact with Dietician Sheela Seharawat.

Diabetes and Weight Loss: Things You Must Know

Diabetes and Weight Loss

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