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19 Foods that Cause Heartburn

Have you ever felt a heaviness in your chest? Does the sour taste after a late dinner has made its presence? Have you experienced stomach bloating? If your mind is answering YES to all of them, then it is a sign that you are suffering from heartburn and acid reflux. 
Food Causes Heartburn
The dietary habits are considered the most important factor for causing heartburn. Other common factors that result in heartburn include excess weight, stress, unhealthy eating habits and stomach ailments. 
An acidity diet customised exclusively by one of the top Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic can help you combat this medical problem.
The following list shows 19 foods that are found responsible for causing Heartburn and should be avoided immediately–
1) Citrus fruits
Due to being highly acidic, citrus fruits should not be eaten, especially on an empty stomach. 
2) Tomato-based foods
Tomatoes are healthy but acidic too and could cause heartburn. 
3) Peppermint & mint teas
These food items can irritate the digestive tract and cause acid reflux and heartburn. 
4) Chocolate
Being the favourite of all, chocolates can also trigger heartburn. 
5) Nuts
Along with the benefits, nuts are also responsible for causing acid reflux, bloating. 
6) Pepper & salt
Do not use pepper and salt, if it bothers you and causes acid reflux. 
7) Butter
Avoid the use of butter and opt for alternatives where its use can be avoided. 
8) Alcohol

Intake of alcohol in excess may result in causing inflammation of the stomach, which ultimately leads to heartburn.
9) Caffeine
Caffeine presents in the coffee can trigger the occurrence of heartburn.
10) Carbonated beverages or soda
Do not use these drinks if you are experiencing chronic acidity. 
11) Spicy foods
Remove the food items from your diet plan that have more spices in them. 
12) Garlic & onion
These food items may make you suffer acid reflux, reduce intake. 
13) Candies
Due to being high in sugar, it may cause acid reflux. 
14) Cheese & other high-fat dairy products
Due to the longevity in digesting such foods, there are higher chances of the occurrence of acidity-related symptoms.
15) Avocados
Heartburn takes place upon eating this food as this takes a very long time to digest. 
16) Fried foods
Fried foods produce digestive discomfort that may lead to causing severe acid reflux.
17) High-fat meats
High-fat meats take a long period to digest in the stomach which further results in causing acid reflux. 
18) Tobacco
Avoiding tobacco use can help you overcome this habit and also provide relief from acid reflux problems. 
19) Broccoli
Do not eat broccoli if you experience a heartburn often. 


19 Foods that Cause Heartburn

Foods that Cause Heartburn

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